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I'm going to bitch about the lotto.
I bought 2 tix for the 800M. Had not one single number.:(
On the other hand, a bit of luck. Many yrs ago I found out there were other vendors that care about their customers.
Even better luck... I do my own welding.;)

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In 2006, Brian Weaver dba gbodyparts stole $1200 from me PLUS my factory GN wheels that Jim Lyons at TruDesign Wheel was supposed to be restoring.

later, this happened to Clay's car....


I will remind everyone that it was the turbo Buick community who donated parts and dollars to build Clay another car which was presented to him at the GS Nationals. weaver took no responsibility.

and if anyone reading did not know, gbodyparts / Brian Weaver and PartsPlace / Jo I. had one heck of a falling out. perhaps Jo grew tired of Weaver and moved on.

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Someone earlier / this thread said: "thank God for G Body parts" ... well: "I was one of those" / as they have always done right by me ... "that is till now".

What happened was about 5-6 years ago; I ordered some G car "power seat plates", (as I wanted to convert my manual-tracks / to that of a power - track) .... SO, upon buying these "plates" / (along with some brackets to mount same, or so I was told as they are useless), I later found them to be TOTALLY unusable / and later: I threw them away.
"They" (then) assured me that that these were in fact "NOT working-out", and that they'd let me know when a possible "corrected 2nd run-version" was available / and that they "were WORKING the PROBLEM". I took it at face value / accepted this .......................................................

Enter 5+ years later:
I contacted someone there, (appx. 3 weeks ago) and I specifically asked "them" / IF these cover-plates (still listed for sale) were in fact NOW "redesigned" ... and "their" answer was "YES", *"we pitched all the one's we had / in leu of their corrected replacement's / as they now fit very nicely" ... and yes: "we have both the rt. and left sides" in stock, and their available. I then prefaced the above conversation, (amid my earlier "promise"), and to make a long story short; I ended up paying (again), for a second set, /// *as I too "pitched" mine / just as (again), 'they' PITCHED THEIRS ... results (my conclusion) "my remarks were "heir say". :cry:

Fact: I've long been a 'Brian fan', ... so I wasn't going to snicker about it ... (the $) ... "but I made it clear that I felt this situation merited it".

End run: I spent 200 and some bucks MORE, and invested that expense into the same cappy plates ! ... *and these "new-one's" were NO-DIFFEREENT then THE FIRST TIME versions .... "or the 'old one's' / that I had purchased years earlier", and these too, had to be "re-engineered " right outa the gate !. Look: I hate a whiner ... "I can't stand a kiss-ass's / won't tolerate whine ass's" ... but: "can someone tell me WHY I need to "break-off the attack" / and go watch "Flight of the Phoenix" / for something as STUPID as a power switch plate" !???.

THOUGHT: so why can't G/B just say: "we know for a fact these NOW "work" !! ... as again; 'THEY' said: "we threw ALL the earlier plates OUT".

Later, I would articulate my 'dissatisfaction' (amid nearly 25-30 pictures, depicting misaligned holes, poor plate "contouring", and how I had to, and was TRYING to "redesign these things ta FIT") ! ... besides: "how am I goanna turn-back now" ? ... *I found / bought: 2 power-seat tracks, the cover plates, bought the switches, all the wiring / and power districts .... and "spent the farm" on the assumption that I had a shred of honesty here ... and while (in the end), I did get one side to "go", WHY do I have to "re-invent the plate" here ?? !!! ...

*Just like those silly gage pod "A Pillar" gage holders ... "these fit for crap and should NOT be sold".

I WANT A PART THAT FITS ! ... "easy" ?.

If there's a tiny bit of "personality" GREAT ... "but not a total reengineering job relocating holes, buying two-part epoxy, and grinding / filing a new "wall-structure" in these plates" ! ... "The hot glued screw holes fell-out / by just touching them" / and the geometry / screw angles were all wrong / and in-correct". Again: pictures tell the story / I sent them along.

Back at the time "Claude" was theeee "authority" on power seat conversion / and man o' man he was a GREAT help !

Epilogue: SO, after my "frank" / but 'very pleasant communication': I have / as of yet: heard nothing back because ... "THEIR IN A MEETING" (for day after day now). Lastly: I'll still take "the hi-road" ... "but God I hate to beat this ta death", as-again: I specifically ASKED THEM first ! ... and the last thing I EVER wanted was "something for nothing", but comon: NOT THIS. THIS is total bull-crap, and IF I don't here back soon, I will NEVER support them again / DONE. "I don't deserve this". :mad:

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Thank your "lucky stars" you didn't have them repair your t tops.

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Well; after hearing NOTHING, I consider this matter to be over. I just can't believe that Brian would intentally ignore me amid such a "gotcha" here ... it's utterly pathetic. The difference here ?: "I wanna be wrong". THIS IS NOT my "way" !. NOW these parts appear to no longer be sold, as they are now gone from their site ... "why" ?, "Because they don't FIT, and people are calling them out" !, (and in my example, it was TWICE ! / and in PAYING TWICE !.

Winner; 'none'. "I guess I'll just have ta find solace in the fact that I'll never go back to them". So ridiculous: "over a stupid power seat part". :mad:

There it is. (n)

Quote: "I see the power seat plate covers are now GONE from your site" ? ... WHY ? ... *you KNOW why*.
I expected you to make good on your promise and "problem solve" with me .... and IN the most "meager of examples' ; "get back to me".
This whole thing need not have happened, "and I'm sorry YOU saw no merit in one of the most through "power-points"
a customer could have presented you with"
... from the pictures, even the video, "all of it". I guess it's "cop-out" time / and that deeply saddens me.

I guess to preface what YOU SAID (see my correspondence in the above), was wrong ? ... ASKING FIRST: "is this problem (or "the part "fit") fixed" ? *I've been a Brian Weaver Fan for YEARS, and to ignore me in this way was NOT the way to handle this ...

"I pay TWICE for junk parts, and then I'M the villain" ?
"You lost a loyal Customer here".

Jul 26, 2022, 11:40 AM
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ABF sold out. We are buying them from a new manufacturer. They do look a lot better then the old units we had here that we tossed in the dumpster.
They are a little lighter and more flexible.

Thank you,
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