Gateway Arch, St Louis...

My girlfriend and I plan on visiting the Gateway Arch in Saint-Louis during our vacation next March…Has anyone here ever visited it? Any comments about it?

Claude. ;)
P.S: Then on our way south, we'd like to go visit Graceland in Memphis TENN. and even further down south take a ride on one of the steamboats in New Orleans LA...


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We went to the Arch back in the 90's. It's one of those "been there done that" type of places. Going up in the Arch was cool.
We went to the Arch back in the 90's. It's one of those "been there done that" type of places. Going up in the Arch was cool.
Can you please explain what you mean by "been there done that"? Being from Canada, I'm not used to that expression, sorry…:( Is it that you didn't like it?

Claude. ;)

Gene Van Horn

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The whole thing for me was a great experience. Hope you like small tight places because the tram ride up and down the arch is tight and makes lots of clicking noise. Great views. The best for me was the under ground museum depicting the entire lewis and clake expedition. Dont forget to visit baseball stadium, its all within walking distance from each other. Have a great time, its pretty cool driving into the city and seeing that arch.


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Been up there a couple of times. Very cool, I have never done it at night though I think that would be cool also.


Texas, Where are you from
We went to it when I was a kid. We weren't exactly flush with money so we got to park, get out of the car, get our picture made. Look up at it and then We all piled back in the car and kept driving. It looked like fun.

I'd do it again but this time id want to go up in there. I'd also like to tour the ab brewery and see the Clydesdales. I've also read they have a pretty nifty downtown area.


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As already pointed out, the ride up is real tight. Once you get to the top, if it is windy, you will notice the Arch swaying.


The part of the arch I enjoyed the most were the history exhibits at the bottom. The AB Brewery was pretty cool. STL is just a cool place to visit.
I have heard the Landings area is getting rough. You might want to avoid the area after dark.

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They just redid the arch area and put a nice park there... also they have been revamping downtown - lots of nice restaurants and clubs on Washington Ave. - Ballpark Village is downtown next to the new Busch Stadium.... lots of good eating downtown.... like any city, just watch your surroundings - if you have children the City Museum is pretty cool. St Louis Zoo is one of the top zoos in the country and it is STILL FREE! Also Forest Park area is one of the top metropolitan parks in the country and has the Art Museum , History Museum, Zoo, golf course and driving range, lots of free space and lakes..... picnic areas, etc.

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The Arch is a landmark imho as well as just being damn cool, a bucket list item. A friend of mine has been there and said it was cool.
I was there last year. Pretty cool. I can post a few pictures if you want. I don't want to be a spoiler though so let me know. Oh yeah, like Gene pointed out, if you're claustrophobic, you'll just love the trolley ride up and down.:eek:

Dennis Kirban

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Another prospective from a distance:

I vividly remember seeing it off in a distance in Nov of 1963.....I was 16 ran away from home in my car. It's quite the time I drove right by it down the what has become the famous route 66..........a different time.

I was not caught until I had reached Gallup New Mexico.

the one and only time I been in jail.