garage cleanup sale

BRF Govenor---------------------------------$100
VSS sensor------------------------------------$40
stock vacuum block--------------------------$20
New Wells cam sensor-----------------------$150
RJC rocker shaft supports-------------------$45
T fitting for fuel rail---------------------------$20
grill out of 87 Limited------------------------$50
roller cam buttons for flat tappet cam------$5
ATR O2 monitor------------------------------$40
stock MAP sensors----------------------------$10
fuel rail with -10AN fitting welded on------$100
76 GTQ 4-bolt, needs exhaust wheel-------$400
Various pieces of stainless trim from 87 Limited

All prices plus shipping


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Going to the Turkey Bash Saturday? If you do bring the Grill and the Turbo as I would like to look at them if they have not sold by then. That is if I make it down there too.


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I know this is old but is the VSS sensor still available? Is it the one to work with a VDO guage in a gnx type dash? Can you post a pic? Thanks.

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Never got your pm returned, also can you send me a picture of the vSS sender

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Thanks I got the pic. Will have to pass. I needed the one that goes between the speedo cables to actuate the VDO speedometer. Actually I just got one from . Thanks for your time.