G-Bodies getting more national attention


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Barrett-Jackson in cooperation with Prestone just unveiled their next project car. A 87 Monte Carlo aerocoupe :vomit:. Obviously they could've picked the Better g-body but this makes me think that the g-body platform itself is gaining more and more attention nationally and in the collector car market, which only helps us out. Will they put a LC2 in it? Oh the irony of that if they do.....

Link to article:


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Better they use a Monte Carlo if they are going to do it in Prestone Yellow. I think there is a law against doing that to a T.


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Please, don't let them paint it Prestone yellow!:vomit::hungover::vomit: Or even use accents of it here and there.
Kinda like Royal Purple did with the GN.:eek::vomit::arghh:


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They tried to sell that Royal Purple GN on here and pretty much got BBQ'd for the asking price. I believe it just had bolt on's?

I've noticed more and more shows are starting to showcase GN's/TB's ie, Garage Squad and an upcoming episode in July, Iron Resurrection, will be "saving" another GN. Hopefully this gains momentum and translates into greater value into our rides, not to forget the auction houses as mentioned by OP.


In my opinion the Monte Carlos are the most classless cars on our gbody platform. Specifically the Monte Carlo SS. I hate the front clip on them. Makes the car look so long to me. But maybe I'm just crazy lol. Maybe this stems from people calling my Cutlass and my GN a "Monte." Am I crazy?

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