Future of NASCAR


The 13th
9 out of 10 NASCAR races are absolutely boring. If and when I am flipping thru channels and its on and they are able to turn right I'll watch the race. Other than that... bleeh.


Bring back everyday cars .. Win on Sunday sell on Monday. Cookie cutter crap isn't helpin either. I record the last 30 laps. AND most of the time I don't ever watch it. Kind of the same thing with NHRA.. I guess the big $$$$ sponsors consider this "progress" :rolleyes:

Grumpy hit it. There hasnt been anything close to a "stock car" in decades. Back in the day, if the HEMI won...the Hemi sold that week...if the Ford won...same deal. Also, you could buy a very similar model car, WITH THE SAME BASIC POWER PLANT, and drive it to work.
Boils down to this...NASCAR BLOWS. 43 guys chasing each other in a circle for 4 hours is not my idea of a good time.
Besides, I have too many teeth to be considered a real fan...................................................just kiddin'
(I got that from Bubba Jay, Jeff Dunham's puppet.)

P.S. I love Danica though.


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As drag racing parts manufacturer and designer I can agree with some things said on the way run their program is run. Just like competing in an NHRA sports man class you get board from waiting around. That being said both have helped us in the quest for speed from nascars grand national series , newly developed ethanol EFI program to the drag racers like Cox, Ingersoll and countless others that have helped our cause. Once again thanks to all from the pro's to the Joes who with out the courage to invent, test and develope speed we would probably be watching smart cars race.


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I still watch nascar, but ...........
the BIG interest ended when SR died, we were living in Winston Salem when that happened,
you'd of thought the president had died!
nascar needs to stop looking at the fans as cash cows, and more as fans,
empty seats are directly related to the economy, and thats in the toilet!
nascar still micro manages, and until they stop, normal folks will boycott.
fan want to see bumping and banging, good racing, and innovation.
none of which will happen until nascar stops being so controlling.