FT 215/220 roller cam, Cloyes timing set, Morel limited travel lifters


I bought these items off the board maybe a year ago and they've been sitting in the box ever since. My engine build is on hold since my transmission is having issues so these items are up for sale.

Fullthrottle 215/220 roller cam, Webber/morel limited travel roller lifter , cloyes roller timing chain set. All with limited run time.

$600 shipped to lower 48 OBRO.
IMG_0213[1].JPG IMG_0214[1].JPG IMG_0215[1].JPG


Would you happen to have the cam card with this ?
Damn nice set up with a great price

From Full Throttle site

215/220: "Revolution XR3" Roller Camshaft - Our latest design of roller profile for use with newer high flow turbos.


Intake 215 @ .050 .516 Lift / Exhaust 220 @ .050 .529 Lift
112 LSA (installs at 110)
Lift measured with Stock Rockers
Best max effort street/strip cam for 231" CID with 3500+ torque converter
Choppy (but not too bad) idle, smooth idle in stroker and good drivability. Roller rockers recommended
STRONG midrange & top end power.