FS: injectors, tranlator, MAF sensor , chip


I have a set of 60lb flow matched injectors from turbotweak (injectors in plastic box in photos). $210

I have a set of Bosch 0 280 150 837 160lb injectors, brown tops. These need a modded ecm or aftermarket ecm (injectors are loose in photo)

Translator with 3.5" LS1 MAF sensor to be sold as a combo package $220

Turbotweak 6.1 alky chip. Set up for alky and 6262 turbo. $65 no photo, but can get one if needed.

These prices do not include shipping.



The translator/maf and the 60lb injectors have been sold.

The 160's; I am unsure of the age as them came with a motor I bought. I do know that motor spent more time not moving than moving and they were cleaned a few years ago. They didn't work with my setup. I would sell them for $150 shipped via usps in the lower 48.