Front to rear pre bent brake line


Jan 5, 2008
As the subject says, installing this line....or should I say cursing and swinging and leaving the brake line alone at the moment. In any it possible (surely it is) to install this line with the body on? I'm having a hell of a time trying to get the rear portion to line up with the "hole" in the frame that connection to the rear axle lines. I don't have the front connected, just routed over the trans member so its free to roll and twist (which it doesn't do freely) and I can't figure a way to get it in the right place. I tried searching without much help, probably because their isn't a magic pill to get this in, but rather just rotating, prodding, prying and pushing until it finally lines up, but before breaking the line and or destroying things figured I'd come inside, cool down and see if you all have any ideas.

As well, I took the old line out so long ago (years) I'm assuming the side with the coils around the line towards the rear, but figured I'd check that as well, because that could be my issue.




Feb 10, 2018
I did mine with the body still on. It wasn't fun, but I was determined to make it happen.

Mine came bent in a "U" shape from the manufacturer to prevent having a 12' long box, and I'm pretty sure I straightened it out as best as I could before starting to make it easier to maneuver under the car (did this on my back, car on 4 jackstands about foot and half off the ground).

It's been a while since I did this, but there is only really one place that I can think I had an issue (right under the back seat area), and I'm pretty sure what I did was get it in the basic routing it was supposed to go but that one spot, then got a prybar and pried while pushing the line past the spot that was too tight to squeeze it through and got it through there (I had already snaked the line through any other places that I identified would be other issues and was just left with this one). Once it's in there, you can move it around some more to get it in the "perfect" spot and go from there but again, it wasn't fun. I think I took 2 or 3 breaks like you are right now.

Good luck, and know that it is indeed possible (I considered multiple times just loosening the frame and lifting the body enough to do it, but was worried about the can of worms that may open - just wasn't ready to tackle all of that mess yet).