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is there any kits or anything to make the frame stiffer for more support? Ive seena couple things there are just so many buick sites.

I have a t top and i really dont want to cage it, but id like to support the frame because it lacks support areas. All information recieved i am thankful for!
Lots of different braces and kits available. Check it out several of the venders here sell different body and frame strengthening parts for front and rear. Some bolt on some need to be welded but alot is available, just do a little research and buy from whomever you like.
Which kits are the most beneficial? I will be doing some track racing and i dont want to twist the frame and or bend anything. What has everyone had succcess with and or notice a difference?
That depends on fast your gonna be going running. I personally put the bolt in x- bracing from kirbons behind my rear seat. Also installed the bar between the frame rails in the rear. Also did all poly body mounts on the frame and transmission and engine mnts,the diagonals up in the engine bay also. Others venders have frame boxing kits you can weld in. Some guys weld up entire frame when they have the body off, its a big list, now i have a different car with a six point cage and most of the things I mentioned. Depends on your hp and goals. To be totally honest i believe the bigest difference came from the poly mnts,really changed my ttop car. Tightened it up, was like driving a different car.


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Depending on power levels you might want to install lower control arm braces as well as everything stated above. They now sell a bar that bolts in at top of rear shocks. The x brace or the Gnx bolt and or weld in one that goes behind rear seat is nice. The body bushings are a great upgrade. The kit should have the extra GNX bushings included. Kirbans.Gbodyparts and many others will have what you need. Make sure you check feedback forum on people you plan to buy from. Good luck


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My stock '87 GN has that Sc&c triangular front brace, the brace that goes between the rear upper shock mounts, stock body bushings from kirban's -- including the gnx bushings....and the TinMan behind the back seat gnx sheet metal brace bolted and epoxied in place. No more squeaks or rattles. Had good service from the vendors as well.
Thanks guys. I have all new bushings and a big fmic in front so im limited to space. I was really thinking about the seat brace, and the support braces across the rear frame rails


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Does anyone feel this brace made a noticeable difference?

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For me it's too early to tell yet, as I haven't driven the car since it's been installed. Car still up on jack stands....Got the rear end out now being cleaned up and re-finished.
However, with the rear frame rail brace and UMI's shock tower brace now installed, it's gotta help firm up these frames in the rear area. In addition because I have rear coil overs on my car the UMI shock tower brace will reinforce this area which is now taking the load vs the spring pocket in the rear frame area.

I would think if you had the (2) solid aluminum rear bumper mounts installed there wouldn't be a real need for the rear rail frame brace because the inner bumper support would now be attached solidly to the bumper mounts , tying it together & preventing movement in this area. Because the shock absorber bumper mounts are able to move (telescoping inside each other at impact) there is some free play and allows for a small amount of movement and doesn't make this a rigid structure.

UMI Performance Rear Shock Tower Brace.JPG


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Does anyone feel this brace made a noticeable difference?

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I have a very low-tech version of this (made from a sign post lol). I took it off for shits and giggles one day and noticed a lot more squeaky squeak in the rear. The brace that goes up above the rear shocks Would probably be just as good although I don't know if it would have as much leverage.
IMO.....ANYTHING that can be done to strengthen up the frame in a G body should be done. Wether it's a cruiser, a racer, road or drag, or a daily you will notice it. Even more so on a t top car.

When I brought my Monte down to a bare frame I had it level on 4 jack stands, one at each corner. I could pick up a rear frame horn a good 6-8" before any other point came off a jack stand. After all the bracing and boxing I did to the frame I tried it again, the second the frame horn lifted off, 2 others came up with it. Mind you this was a bare frame with only a tranny crossmember bolted in. No suspending, steering etc. not even brake lines.
IMG_8072.PNG IMG_8069.PNG You might not be able to tell but there are also bars running down the the UCA mounts on the frame so everything is tied together. I also boxed in the open C channel of the frame.

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Here is a lil collage of when I rebuilt my car . I boxed the frame rails . Put some diagonals in the rear . I also have the rear seat brace . The front horn brace . O and all of it was made not bought cost the price of steel and alil time .