For sale pulse wiper board


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Letting this group know that I have a few pluse wiper boards with cover with the pump.
A few have mentioned these are not obtainable. I have three working wiper motor assemblies I have removed the circuit board/cover from.
I have them at the Buick GS NATS currently. There $75 each plus shipping.
I will take them off my table if someone let's me know.
I can get pictures tomorrow if needed



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I will take one of the pulse boards if it is the intermittent one. I will be at the Nats on Friday. Will PM you my number. Brad


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Here are the pics of the pulse boards.
They are 22038486. Two have the same blue cam. Those two have a 5 in in the date, suspect 1985, the other has a 6 ,thinking 1986. Must have been a change in the blue cam in later years?