For Sale: 1987 Grand National

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Looking at the auction results, it looks like someone got a heck of a good deal on that GN!! Beautiful car.........
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Unfortunately the car did not sell at the auction because the reserve was not met.
The car is still for sale.


With all the work that was done, I'm curious how fast does it run at the track?


P.S: Beautiful car btw...good luck with the sale.;)
Thank you! I am curious too. Hopefully the new owner will run it at the track and let us know.
The previous owner ran the car (with the stock engine and 6466 turbo) in El Paso, TX and it ran 10.7 sec. in 1/4 mile.
I have a feeling this car has the potential for low 10's if the boost is turned up past 25 psi. :cool: