First time on this setup


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Just got back from the track, managed to get two passes in before the rain showed up.

First pass was 12.02 @118, zero boost launch, 2.1 60s

Second was 11.6 @118, 5psi launch, 1.80 60s

I’m currently running 25 pounds on 91/Alky with 23/25 degrees, AFR set at 10.8.

I think the mods are in my signature but basically it’s 50lbs inj, 6162 presicion turbo, 3” exhaust/dp, powerstroke IC, 70mm tb with matching dog house, ported iron heads with upgraded springs, adjustable FPR, TT chip, husek transmission and converter, ATR rear sway bar, blazer front brakes on vacuum. Everything else is pretty much stock. I’m running 275/60/15 Hoosier QTPs at 18psi.

Just wanted to share this and give thanks to the people who’ve helped me get here. The car has much more on it but it wouldn’t even be running without Steve V and Dave Husek mostly. These guys have been a ton of help over the last few months.