FAST XFI for small block chevy

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
all prices listed below do not include shipping & these parts can be delivered to Lights Out 10 in Georgia on February 15th,16th , & 17th.

$1350 or best offer
Fast XFI 2.05 system w internal data logger.

Pulled from a 69 camaro, (drag week car) a truly street driven car, with an old school small bock chevy, single turbo making over 1200 horse to the tire and running Low 8’s. The system was used on a reliable street car that competed in hot rod drag week two years in a row. Going a different route that includes traction control and coil near plug ignition.

Fast XFI 2.05 ecu with internal data logger
Main harness:
* Set up for LS style TPS and IAC
* Has everything for the fan & fuel pump control, etc.
* The wiring for the hall effect & inductive crank signals
* Ned to run one or the other to get a crank signa to the xfi
* we were running a hall effect sensor, this will not come with those wires or the crank sensor, that’s staying on the car.

Injectors harness
Date logger cable
3 bar FAST Map sensor
FAST Wide band 02 sensor
IAT sensor
MSD billet distributor, setup for cam sync
* distributor is also, setup with adapter to allow larger Ford style MSD cap and rotor.
Magnacore spark plug wires. (Not even a month old) Designed to be routed under the headers.
Will not come with:
* tps sensor
* iac valve
* coolant temp sensor
* crank sensor
* Mechanical components to mount the crank sensor
* Will not come with a crank sensor wheel
* ignition box needed to fire the plug wires (main harness has points signal wire to control an MSD box) (for sale below)
* ignition coil (for sale below)

$175 or best offer

Bought a few months ago. Only on the car for a month.
Part number 8261
  • $650 or best offer
    MSD 7AL-3
  • Used, (one year old) in perfect condition.


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Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
here are photos of the msd coil and the 7AL box that is for sale.


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