Fast Xfi Data Log Target A/F.


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Hello, trying to get back into the swing of things....been a while!
Data log shows:
Actual A/F: 11
**Target A/F: 7.5**
EGT 1: 1450
EGT 2: 1469
EGT 3: 1508
EGT 4: 1539
EGT5: 1508
EGT 6: 1557.
02 Correction 84*
Spark adv: 23
INJ DC: 24
**Target A/F in XFI: in the 12
range on xfi map**.

So, how is it possible my dash logger says my target a/f is 7.5 when it is 12 in the XFI?

Looking at the dash logger cruising on the hwy the A/F is constantly going up/down and i have to peddle it up or down to try and smooth out the car.

Thank you.



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Ignore the AF ratio in the dash logger. That glitch has no fix, read it from the XFI only.