Fast with Class

pitch black

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It seem to have lost all meaning to a lot of the Buick community. I see it here, on the FB groups and even at some races/shows.

grass doctor

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I will agree with you pitch black the Buick community isn't what it use to be , its just a change in society in general as well. I personally do not care for most of the FB crowd/stuff they are worse than here for sure, but I have spoken with and talked to /met some of the senior vets on here and Fast with Class is still strong and will always be a goal with me, I will do my best to carry on the torch and not loose sight of the Moto FAST WITH CLASS

grass doctor

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I will explain from what if seen , mostly from what ive seen is guys not being respectful of for sale threads jumping in and adding their input or trying to foil the OP's sale or trying to take over sale , start your own thread and don't bash what person is asking basically don't be haters if a guy wants too much for something he is selling then it won't sell don't worry about it . also when someone gets done wrong it is very upsetting, but deal with it on a level between just two people its none of anyone else's business , don't try and make excuses or protect your favorite person add factual info and it should only be a two party issue , but hell everyone likes to voice their opinions and it boils down to how it is presented in a GENTLEMAN'S WAY ( FAST WITH CLASS) or an angry foolish way . in the end hopefully all realize we are Buicks brothers and times get heated and sometimes there is good reason, especially when expectations do not meet the monetary value put into something.

grass doctor

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im new guy on the block so guys I have no idea how it use to be ,just giving my thoughts , I have been a creeper on here for years but have had no car so I didn't join, so much knowledge on here and a great place to meet great people in this world , thx Shane for keeping it alive, funny how things go down , but I know what your talking about pitch black

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There is hope the younger generation will have passion for our turbo cars!