Factory speaker pics/help

Hello guys. I tried searching but had no luck. Does anyone have pics of the factory speakers. I have an 87 GN. With concert sound and they were replaced. But I want to return the car to as close to original as I can. So any pics of any and all speakers would help. So I can start looking for nos or good used speakers. Thanks. Vinny


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Here are PICS of the door and rear speakers out of my 1987 Turbo T. I replaced these last year. The dash speakers are still in the car and the new dash speakers in the box due to the stock radio ohm issue.


Thank you. But now the question is which rear speaker does the car actually come with. Reason I ask is I'm correcting a 12k mile car. Thanks Vinny


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Don't forget the plastic baskets that are riveted on the door speakers.

I'd go with Brad's rear door speakers part number as mine could be Delco replacements since these were out of my GN which was bought used. I couldn't find the ones from my WE4 I bought new.

Dash and doors I'm posting I'm sure of as original.

I have a local junkyard with a row of G bodies. I found a highly optioned 86 Cutlass with the large magnet rear speakers. Those were 10 ohm. All the other cars had much smaller magnets. I have several friends with untouched original 86-87 Buicks with CC2. I will check with them and get back to you
This is the set that came out of my car. September '87 build date.

The dash and door speakers a very different than others pictured above. I think there was a bit of variety in what actually ended up in the car.