Factory reset extender extreme chip

I am running an exterder chip and very rich at idle.
I had to lower the fp just to be able to drive the car.

Before dumping $$ in new injectors and chip , will like to know if there is a way to reset an extender chip.
I am running a 3.5 maf, translator and 78pounds delphi inj. at 40 psi fuel.


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Unplug the the orange wire by the battery to reset the chip but I doubt thats your problem.

How are you reading AFR?
My afr are no higher than 12 at any temp.

So the settings on the chip are volatile?
I was under the impression that they remain "written" on the chip...


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Nope, all chip settings and adaptive learning are set back to default when the power is cycled on the orange wire.
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Since there's no such thing as a 78lb injector, it might be good to get the injector part#, and the chip part#, and the Translator settings, to see if everything jives.
Correction..they are 75 pounds racetronix injectors...at least they seem to be that size.

Now, can I buy a chip and it will adjust to my injector size or chips and injectors are paired?
Can I enter the chip and adjust accordingly via an epprom reader?

What do youbguys suggest?
So my options are

1. Change chip and injectors as a set
2. Check and flowbench my injectors and select a chip accordingly
3. Get a new chip as per my suspected injectors
4. ?????

What do you guys recommend?


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What you're saying is a bit confusing. You said "they are 75 pounds racetronix injectors...at least they seem to be that size." What makes them seem that size? Is that the size you ordered? Where are you getting that information from? Is the chip burnt for those injectors? I think he writes right on the chip what they're for.
Those injectors came with the car.
Now, I have lowered the fuel pressure to compensate for the bigger injectors and seems to have worked just fine but... with the lower fuel pressure apparently affects fuel atomization or something like that. I have a small, barely unnoticeable stumble at highway speeds. Mixture, as per my wideband is ok 16 at 55 no load and 14 to 15is at idle.

I have a race chip (100oct, more aggresive timming, etc) that work perfectly fine with these injectors.

Is there a way to check that chip and burn a new one with street manners, 93 octane, etc. instead of reverse engineer the setup?