Fabricated front airdamn (pics)

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I made some for my shop. Cut half of the 2x4's 12" long and the other half 16" long. Only other items required are top quality wood glue and big screws (long drywall screws). Join each board securely to it's neighbor with glue and screws. Let the glue dry real good (read the directions on the glue container). I went 12" high and wouldn't recommend going taller! Just be carefull and don't you (or your buddies) rock the car when anyone is under the car. You can mess even this up if you try hard enough!

If you are not handy with structural woodworking, go buy steel jackstands instead!

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Let me know if you want to sell a set I don't even need the skim coat of filler on it they would look awsome with the welds sanded down and a black krinkle coat of paint shot on them.


I'll take that as a compliment but unfortunatly I have too much time in them to ever sell a set at an affordable price. This is a one time thing for me, I just hope they don't get damaged!


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Damn! Those are bad a$$. You have a duty to reproduce them.:biggrin:

How much you have in them?


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I've decided to take a welding class when I get back from Guantanamo Bay. As long as I don't get sent out to sea, that is! lol