external wastegate size

I have a ta49 turbo and I am going to get a downpipe. I think I am going to go with an external waste gate welded off the pass header before the turbo. What size wastegate would be good to use a 38mm or a 44mm. I will probably upgrade the the turbo later on to a 6262 so I would rather buy 1 that would work for both turbos if possiable .


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I agree with Chuck.
One 46mm external gate is enough wastegate to support 650 fwhp when setup correctly.
It's easily enough to control a TA-49 turbo or a 6262.

FWIW, I'm currently running one 46mm on my PT6766 setup with perfect boost control. Mounted on the downpipe with the hole ported and contoured.

IMG_20181020_163154819 (2).jpg

IMG_20181020_163109845 (2).jpg

Just to recap, a single 46mm external is plenty of wastegate for a bolt on / mild combo.