Experience with a moving company....people got fired.


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I am transferring to WA state on Friday and yesterday the Navy sent in a contracted moving company to pack us all up. They were scheduled to work yesterday and today. Two people showed up around 9am with a big box truck full of supplies.

Everything seemed like it was going fine, they made great progress through the morning. For some reason they decided to call in three extra people in the afternoon.....

At the end of the day we noticed they were doing inventory so we asked if they were intending to came back. They said "I don't know". We pointed out that our bedding was still unpacked and they said that the trucker might have a box on his truck for that and he will pack it. MIGHT. Before they left about an hour later my wife asked two more times for what is going on with the next scheduled work day and the bedding. "I don't know" was the answer each time. Before they left they left us an extra mid-size box and my wife asked for an additional one. Good that we did.

After they left we went upstairs and noticed that they had left out all kinds of odds and ends in the kids room. Pieces of toys, a random 'paper-jamz' guitar, things on the wall. They didn't touch the bathroom AT ALL.

We also noticed that even though it hadn't even been 12 hours yet, some of the tape on the boxes had started to fail and they were starting to pop open.

In the middle of the day yesterday we got a phone call from a woman that works in the Government department that contracts these people and they were wanting to know how it went. Odd that they called in the middle of day one..but whatever. I called them back this morning and explained everything to her and she asked why they weren't there today. I told them that I had no idea that they were very unclear on that. She said she was going to call them back and get them back out here to fix it.

We called back this morning to the company itself as well and explained all the issues we have with how they finished the job. The person my wife called told her that they would get another crew out there to fix it. She told them it wasn't neccessary because we had already started to push the tape down and we had fit most of what they didn't pack in two extra boxes they had left behind. All we really needed was a box large enough to fit the toy guitar in. They acknowledged that and said they would call back.

We get a call back from some level of manager who was PISSED off. He said that another crew would be there very soon (they were already on their way) to fix this and that the people that had worked on it yesterday would be fired. My wife told them that there was no need to fire anyone or to send another crew..just needed a box. The manager said he can't have that, at least three of them but possibly all five would be gone by five o'clock today!

When the next two guys got there they went through and fixed all the boxes and packed the things that were left out. They also told us that it is NOT up to the trucker to pack anything or depend on them to have a box, but that another truck from their company would come out with him to get things like bedding or anything that was missed. The people yesterday SHOULD have told us that. They also knew that the tape that the Navy pays for is not the best. It works fine IF you rub it down right after putting it on..takes an extra second per strip of tape and there was no excuse for them missine it. There was a total of three boxes worth of stuff that they didn't pack and they also said there was no excuse for that...so I asked if these were all good enough reasons to make that manager so mad. They said more than enough.

Neither my wife or I feel good about those people losing their jobs, especially in this economic climate and if we had known they would have we probably would not have called. But that is the way it is I guess. We don't have the situation of the company and maybe these people had complaints on them before, no clue.

I hope they find work soon.

Just wanted to ramble on!


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Was it AMPM moving? If it was, they suck. Lost my tool cart with a $12K cam tool in it. They still have not ventured to resolve the issues.


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Thats a crappy moving company. I was a mover for 5 years .When they sent us out to pack up a house it better be packed by 1 o'clock, When the truck shows up there would be three more guys to help load. By 3 o'clock we were gone and the house and garage were empty.
The manager is doing their job very well IMO. Think about it the other way...in this economy why wouldn't an employee do the job right. Easy enough to go hire someone else who is willing to earn their pay the right way. Enough with the slackers and entitlement babies.


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Most movers are contracted and are willing to cut corners and hire crack heads.:oops: Glad to see you getting moved and I hope it's as painless as possible Matt. Give me a call when you get the time. I've got a couple of questions for you on the suspension.;)


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wait- you can pay people to come in, rifle thru all your stuff and put the stuff they can't fit into their pocket into boxes, then have them take it to your new house?

yeah, i think i'll always just do it myself..


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From your description of the day's work, that crew deserves to be fired! Don't feel bad. After MANY, MANY moves during my Navy career, I've seen it all. At the end of "packing day", there should be absolutely NOTHING left unpacked or not ready for the truck.


There's people out there who need a job and are more deserving of the position and will work there butts off for it and do there best at it so they can earn it the right way.. some other people are simply not .. Don't feel bad , maybe the next workers they have will appreciate and value there work ..


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Thanks everyone. I feel better now considering not ONE person has been on the side of the movers either here or on the VR (a motorcycle site I frequet a LOT).

-Charlie: I gotta do final checkouts with my command tomorrow, but will call you after that. Probably around 1pm my time...which I think should be around 11 yours. (oh..and look for a new thread from me tonight around 1215)


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Cool Matt. Since I'm in the precess of finishing my frame up I need a measurement off your car to check something.:D


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In that case...just tried callling you...call me ASAP!! Car goes on a trailer in about 45 minutes! That's the only reason I'm still up!


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I would not feel bad. And I dont care how good or bad the economy is. If you are going to do a job do it right. I dont care what it is.

I make sure my customers are happy, that when they leave they get what they expected and what they paid for. Its not hard to do, yes there are some customers that are tougher than others but you can usually make almost everybody happy by doing a good job at a reasonable price.

If they did not do their job correctly based on what the manager requested then I am sorry but you got to go. There are plenty of other good employees to be that will handle it right.