Exhaust Hangar


I bought a Pypes dual exhaust system but it comes out as straight pipes. The Monte Carlos has a rear exhaust hangar for this kind of setup but the Regals do not. Where can I find this style hangar to purchase? Also, I have no welder at home to fab my own. Would prefer finding the stock SS style.

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the montes had dual mufflers on them with pipes straight out the back and the mufflers had the posts on them for the hangers ...beeing its a pypes system its probably a little different ...id call who ever you bought the system from and exchange the straight ones for the side tail pipes...unless its going on a monte...the side pipes have a flange that is usually bolted into the frame ...or have to make something up any quality muffler shop should be able to handle this task...here is link for some ideas if you want to do yourself ...


I'm getting ready to buy the Pypes Y and tail pipes myself. They do make a Non-SS kit that is the 45* side dumps with integral mount brackets. I originally saw the SGG50 setup for our cars. When I initially searched it, the Monte pipes came up in the search until I finally saw SS and Non SS in the title. See the link here: Non SS. If you are looking for the Regal pipes, hopefully they'll let you exchange without a hassle.
Perhaps try the G-Body forum if you are going to use the straight pipe.