Exhaust cutout proof


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Mr. Spool, you have so much trial and error 'real world' experience, it's great that you are on this board and share so much!!
Do you have any rule of thumb on exhaust systems, size, muffler type, cutouts etc. based on RWHP on the Turbo Regals?
I'm running the ATR Pitbull 2.5inch SS setup on my car currently. I had Bison do a bunch of upgrades and tuning on my car and it made 614.96 RWHP. I'm wondering if my exhaust is limiting it at all? I haven't been able to run at the track yet, but the car is Street Strip with about 80% being street duty.
I love the way the exhaust looks and sounds, but I'm wondering if a cutout on the 3" test pipe would make more power on the strip?
Thanks again for passing along your experience!
- Jerry
Thank you
Yes I do.
Most exhaust systems slow guys guys down for several reasons.
great 304 stainless heavy steel, little small on the diameter of the pipes,or mufflers that restrict the flow,or multiple mufflers that dont as well as oversized pipes going over the axles.
I will start by if you can throw it up in the air it's too heavy😉
You can pm me about your car to discuss further details if you like.

T-type Jones

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Anything that you care to share with us?
What is your setup, turbo, boost and exhaust system?
Would love to know why you see the results that you do1
- Jerry
At the time when I did my dyno, 6152 Turbo 16lbs boost, e70 fuel, Give me a little and I can post the dyno results. Don't know if there's been any head work, just know the Turbo had a bad bearing and need to be replaced, that was shortly after I bought the car