Exhaust cutout proof

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Cool, I have an electronic cut out on mine, and on the Dyno it drops hp, and gains on the torque numbers


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The cut out ultimately will be faster always.
the earlier the exhaust exits will allow you to take more air in sooner.
as long as the motor breathes it will flow more air.

The added weight loss of not taking it over the axles and through mufflers will yield even more.
Now if your motor cant move the air quick enough you will not gain at all except if you were smart enough to dump right off the down pipe relying on the weight loss alone.
If your car doesnt use more fuel your not moving more air and the exhaust is technically not restricting the engine.


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That's why I don't run a muffler and it comes out in front of the rear tires, less back pressure, weight and sounds cool IMO.


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really cool..
Nice informative video!
I'd love to be able to test all of the things they test on Engine Masters with TR and a Chassis Dyno!
I always wonder how much their testing applies to our cars, and what the RWHP/RWTQ impacts are!
Thanks for sharing!
- Jerry


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If your car doesnt use more fuel your not moving more air and the exhaust is technically not restricting the engine.
Mr. Spool, you have so much trial and error 'real world' experience, it's great that you are on this board and share so much!!
Do you have any rule of thumb on exhaust systems, size, muffler type, cutouts etc. based on RWHP on the Turbo Regals?
I'm running the ATR Pitbull 2.5inch SS setup on my car currently. I had Bison do a bunch of upgrades and tuning on my car and it made 614.96 RWHP. I'm wondering if my exhaust is limiting it at all? I haven't been able to run at the track yet, but the car is Street Strip with about 80% being street duty.
I love the way the exhaust looks and sounds, but I'm wondering if a cutout on the 3" test pipe would make more power on the strip?
Thanks again for passing along your experience!
- Jerry


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I run the ATR ss Y pipe into 2 chrome 2.5" tips, it sounds like a Harley that can actually leave like a racing motorcycle. LOL


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Exhaust Cut-Outs can be SUPER FUN. The most fun I had with mine is when I beat this guy in a Lamborghini, afterwards he said he wasn't in sports mode, I said "I wasn't either, then opened the exhaust, gave it a little rev...He was like F you and turned off LOL
I had a guy in a GTR at the strip that "wasn't on cold weather tires", (if i remember right) LOL

The fact that he couldn't drive didn't hurt. Waxed his ass.

Offered him a chance to even it up, he didn't want anything to do with it.
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Guys with the 6 figure cars can’t drive, and the cars are slow. Always get butt hurt when a 30 year old granny car shows em up… with a v6 non the less..