Evap Canister Relocation


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I'm in the process of making a '64 Buick Special hybrid. I got a complete list of parts from the donor car, including the evap canister.

Is there any reason why I cannot relocate the canister out of the engine compartment, towards the rear of the car? I prefer not to have to run a third fuel line to the front of the vehicle if I don't have to (although I will if I gotta).

My initial thought was in the trunk and use the stock vent line, but my common sense tells me that fuel vapor shouldn't be in an enclosed area... Even if it is in a charcoal filter.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!


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You can place the canister at the rear of the car. GM mounted them on the gas tank of the 4th gen ('93 - '02?) Firebirds and Camaros. I wouldn't put it in the trunk as a purge solenoid activation failure, or a long sit can have fumes exiting the canister.



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My idea is to mount it on the driver's side frame rail between the rail and the lower trunk dropoff. This location usually accepts the tailpipe on dual exhaust cars. But since I'll only be running a single 3" outlet on the passenger's side, there should be room. I'm checking the measurements/space this evening - the only question is whether or not I can get it high enough to remain out of sight.


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You can switch to a flat unit out of a newer GM car, those are rectangular and flatter they work the same but you'll have to adapt the solenoid. That is something I considered doing until I went XFI and just removed it completely. I installed a small metal filter and ran a hose close to the air filter so any fumes will hopefully be absorbed by the car when driving and at a stop.