Epsilon GNX look alike rims!


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After all these years of owning my GN I just found out today from a random GN admirer, that I have Epsilon rims I never new what brand wheel they were, just knew that I never saw another set like them on a GN in all the years I've been into these cars. Always had people compliment them and want to buy them off me tho. Seems these rims were IT back in the day. Im just geeked to know what rims I have on my car now


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Great looking wheels...Keep them!...I think they've been discontinued for a long time now, and becoming pretty rare. It also explains why you never saw another set. :wink:

Claude. :)


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you could have posted pics and you would have likely got the answer...i have a few pics of the wheels....rare for sure.


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I also have a set of Epsilon wheels if anyone is interested in them. They need to be refurbished but they look to be in great shape.