enough pump?


trying to get it like you
Feb 10, 2003
Ok, so the setup is 6262bb , 206, 206 roller, 120's. the racetronix 450 e85 pump with their lines -8 and -6, ported heads , intake forged bottom end , precision stock loc IC. eric chip with TR6, port TB RJC power plate, cant think of what else... i do have a DW 400 in the tool box if needed...

would like to run 6.70-6.80 in the 1/8th, ran 7.10 on 24lbs @ with unported heads and 60's with meth before the conversion, i will go to ECU GN soon as well, just trying to test this first before the final switch...

thanks guys,

dank GN

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Jan 11, 2009
Yes that should be enough pump . If not just pick up a Hellcat pump 525lph