Engine swap

Just curious here, and I might get hate for this, buuuutt.....
Has anybody attempted a 2JZ swap in a t type? I have a hot air and I bought it with intentions of keeping it original but i miss my previous fast cars and I'm entertaining putting a 2JZ with a stand alone. I have a buddy that can get me engine, trans, ecu, all supporting mods and do the mounting/fabrication and initial ballpark is about 7 grand for parts for 650 wheel (stock block).
It would still be a turbo 6 but it's not an LS. I want to be different. I figure that's how much I'd end up putting into a hot air, if not more, just to have 450 or so horses.

Just entertaining the idea. Let the bashing start lol....
If you do it, don't paint random accent pieces in ridiculous colors, add stupid stickers all over it (especially the center of the windshield!), or lower it and tilt the wheels in so that 1/3rd of the tire contacts the road.
No definitely not. It's still an American Gbody. But hey it already has CCWs. My buddy is real big into imports and i use to own an evo x that I built to 600 horses(no stickers, no camber, clean and simple). I love my t type and want to keep it but Jerryl was right... I ended up with the need for speed itch lol. I just dont see the point in sinking money into a hotair when I will be limited. The way a 2J sounds is amazing too.
It would look buick inside and out until the hood is popped and the engine is a little different.
I did some googling last night and saw a video from 1320 of a 2jz regal and a few Montes on the gbody forum seem to be doing it as well.