Engine knocking after burn out

I have an 86 Grand National that I just purchased. I just got my car running and I done a burn out and about two miles down the road my engine started making a knocking noise. This is my first Grand National, any help would be really appreciated thanks in advance.
Guys I am all new at this please bare with me, my dash lights doesn’t work no way to see oil pressure, I did take the belt off and then started the car and still has the knocking, the oil looks to be clean, I am in Knoxville Tn does anyone no anyone around that may be able to help ? I plan to go to the bowling green show of course in another car. Thank all you guys for all your help!!!!
Without the oil pressure gauge, I would clean a drain pan spotless and drop the oil and cut open the oil filter as Chuck said. If the oil was clean I'd put a mech oil pressure gauge and check that next.
The seller may have put super thick oil to hide the noise issue. The burnout shined daylight on the problem possibly. Not for sure but a possibility.


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If it is valve train you can probably localize it to one side or the other. If you do narrow it down to the crank area , please check your torque converter bolts as well. Don't get too discouraged, we've all had our episodes with these cars. I've done a burn out in front of my parents before and had 2 pushrods fall in the motor. I once had an engine knock, removed the oil pan, checked 2 sets of rod bearings just to realize when I rotated the flexplate and torque converter that there was only one bolt holding it on and it was hitting the block. You are only about 4 hours away from RCG ( Richard Clark's Garage http://richardclarksgarage.com/index.html ) and they can fix anything concerning your car.

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Pull valve covers, if nothing obvious pull it , it's in the bottom end:( My contact info is in my sig recheck out if i can help, even on weekends!


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If the shaft isn't broke it sounds like the bearings in it are gone. GregGnTn, remove the MAF hose at the turbo inlet and see if the turbo blades free spin.