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Well spoken sir! As far as i’m concerned you have given validity to the state and condition of the engine in question.

I have been following this thread from the beginning and I was also skeptical as to the quality of this particular engine as it has been sitting for so many years and having also taken the environmental conditions into effect. Not that i want to or can afford to buy it but just as an observer.

The internet is almost like driving. It’s easy to cut someone off and throw them the bird because you are in the imaginary private little safety of your car. But that same person would not cut you off at the market with their shopping carriage because they would have to face you.

Such is life.




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Just so you know this motor was injected with oil and turned over from time to time. Remember, every sensor every fuel line every wire contained on the motor with injectors and harnesses are there along with new turbo, along with new manifolds and crossover. Everything is there to turn key to fire with the exception of drive accessories . NOT JUST AN ENGINE. It is Bolt in and connect and run. DONE! It was also always stored inside and living in Nor Cal it doesn't get cold enough or nasty enough to hurt it. It still is PERFECT! I know Richard and if he wanted it he would let me know and I have NEVER known Richard to be shy about dictating to you what he will or wont buy. Richard is an awesome straightforward dude, bar none. But he has access to more than ANY ONE PERSON on this board. This engine would be great for someone who had NOTHING, NADA to begin with and no core. I realize I am just some scumbag that knows nothing (God that's funny) and some on here are pure genius, so I will leave it at that. The last one was 27 years old and works flawless, not to mention, not so much as an oil leak and runs perfect to this day. That motor sold for 10K shipped to La. He had it picked up. Guy got in touch awhile back when I was sick to see how I was doing and said he has changed oil and plugs and NOTHING else and it was the best running engine and install he has ever done. So all I can say is now you know why I'm no longer around. My 29 years around these cars must have been an illusion and I missed it. What a dream it must have been or one helluva nightmare!!!!!!!!
LOL Y,all have a great safe day and love and take care of your friends and family as they won't be here forever! I wish you all the best!
Did you all forget that I saved this board in 1996 and donated over 250K in R&D for the 2004r over 29 years, gave up many, many, many family hours and time,almost cost me a divorce and did cost me my health, but we won't mention that !
I would never mislead or misrepresent anything. If I ever do you are more than welcome to shoot me.
Only reason I am even selling is Dad is real sick , I am not doing all that well and I am moving into a new house and have sold my farm in California. No more room and no time. Need to concentrate on family as I do not know how much longer they will be around:cry:
I am stressing again, take care of family and friends!!!

AND I wholeheartedly thank Joe (gofstbuick) for helping me as I am very consumed with family and life right now. He is a true blue friend and compadre' and I would do anything for him. Joe is an awesome guy. I kinda knew this might happen and Joe took it on anyway. Sign of a true friend. Thanks Joe......BT


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Did you all forget that I saved this board in 1996 and donated over 250K in R&D for the 2004r over 29 years, gave up many, many, many family hours and time,almost cost me a divorce and did cost me my health, but we won't mention that !

A true 200r4 legend in my book...thanks for all you have done


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Wow that engine is amazing. Never seen another one except the 50 or so at RC's lol. I would love to have this, does he do layway? :D



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good to hear from you, I was up in your area recently, and the wife asked if we were going to swing by,
I told her I hadn't spoke to you , and didn't feel like dropping in unannounced.
still remember that last time we stopped by ,LOL
take care old friend, your always welcome at my house ! (AZ)



WOW! Would love that in my garage! Nice piece Bruce! Hope all is well! Always drooled when seeing your WE4 on Tiogawoods!!!

If I had money laying around I would definitely make him an offer! Bruce helped me purchased my first all original GN after test driving others, almost 15 yrs ago. He's a straight up guy and knows these cars! He was the last to service my GN back when he had a shop and haven't taken it to anyone else ever since! Good luck with sale!