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I'm going LS swap on my grand national and don't need this anymore. It's a factory 86 engine bored 20 over with wiseco pistons, stock rods and crank, bullet racing cam, ARP studs top and bottom, factory heads with massive port work and big valves, 80lb injectors, i was running xfi on speed density but i have a big mass air that can go with it. GN1 performance headers, precision 5931 turbo, 3 inch downpipe with external wastegate, new alternator, new water pump. The trans is a 200r4 built by precision transmission here in amarillo, its got everything a 200r4 can have put into it, has a vigilante pink converter thats a 3800 stall, deep pan. All sensors on engine were changed during rebuild, cam sensor is the kind with the light on top, new coil pack that's a week old. The engine is still in car and can hear run and go for a drive if you are in the area. Total the whole setup has about 400 miles on it, i just got a smoking deal on a LS engine and couldnt pass it up, car went 12.3 on 14lb of boost and a tune that needed work, it was running really rich when the meth kicked on. All wiring harnesses attached to engine will go with it and possibly the harness to factory computer, im keeping all the xfi stuff for the LS swap. Any questions just ask. Asking $6000 its a drop in and go combo that runs great.


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No one wants this? Procharger and goodies for LS swap are here, i dont want it on an engine stand in my garage.