Knee Deep
I finally was able to get my 6K mile cloth/hardtop TTA into the body shop. My painter is the best around and is going to give the TTA a good going over. The roof has some sunfade and needs painted. He is going to just detail and hand polish the rest of the car so I can put it up for another 20 years :cool: . The emblems are no longer perfect and really could stand to be replaced. I have looked at the repo's and they look great but should I try and find a NOS set? I also need a rear spoiler as the paint is just starting to delaminate on the original. Come on guys point me in the right direction on these issues. This car would be considered almost perfect when done except for the cracked original Gatorbacks.


For your spoiler most people on here are getting their fiberglass replacements from Hawks. Check out their website and talk to Jeni, she is a member on here that has helped us with a lot of things.

For your emblems I believe Car Motorsports has the best repop set. The front emblem has the correct curve to fit the bumper cover correctly. A full set will run you around $300. Do a search on the boards as both of these topics have come up in the past. After you get your car painted post some before and after pictures. Good luck!


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And to add, if you bought upholstery in the current G/P for a TTA Hawk's is folding in a mini Group Purchase for those who missed out on the last spoiler group purchase.
Basically you can get the spoiler G/P price we all paid back then if your participating in the current Leather G/P.



Take some pictures right before the car is going to be painted!!!!!! This way if you ever decide to sell it the buyer knows that you were not trying to cover things up. A set just went you on ebay today.