Electronic Spark Control Module (ESC) Help!

I have been getting false knock on my car. I traced my trouble to the ESC module...the resistance values between the 5 pins are outside of spec.

Since the stock 87 ESC module is now next to impossible to find, I decided to look around.

I have seen many cars in the junkyard that have these identical modules on them, however they have different codes stamped on them and are different part numbers.

I realize that the ESC amplifies what the knock sensor "hears", then sends the data on and cuts timing if need be.

Does anyone know what the difference is inside between a 87 GN ESC vs a 87 Caprice (for example) ?

My local yard has an 84 N/A regal 231v6 and an 86 Riviera N/A 231v6...I was thinking about grabbing the ESC modules out of those cars. But then I thought, this is a pretty important sensor, if it isn't sensitive enough...kaboom!

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Why don't you just try some of them? I doubt it will cause you a problem. Maybe it won't fix your problem because your problem is elsewhere.


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The ESC is a frequency filter. It looks for a particular frequency that is predetermined to be knock and sends a signal to the computer. Different modules look for different frequencies. The codes on the modules are specific to a specific frequency range. Who knows what those ranges are :rolleyes:
I hear ya...but wouldn't you think the frequencies emitted by an 86 Riviera with a 3.8 V-6 would be the same as the 86-87 GN? Isn't it the same engine?

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Well, that's the module you have. What other choice do you have unless you can find the specific unit. Come to think of it, Brian at Gbodyparts is bound to have one. ;)


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Highway Stars has them new for the 86 at least.

HIGHWAY STARS - nos4gn Buick Grand National Parts 1986 1987 Buick Turbo Regal T-Type GNX parts

86 GN calls for a part number 16022614 and the 87 calls for a 16051654. The part number is etched into the plastic. If your going to search in the yards maybe one of those will work with that part number. I noticed the module will have the same part number but the sticker that's on it will read different letters on many I've seen.


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Both BSK and HKN modules are a close match to the turbo modules (BLO & HKP). They are from 3.8l Buick carb'd engines. The gain is a tad higher with the other areas matching. Try the BSK first as that is a 4-pole filter while HKN is a 2-pole filter.

Thanks for the info...I will obtain a few of these and post the results of ohm testing the various terminals.

So this makes me think that the knock sensors really aren't all that different, it is just the ESC that filters different frequencies based on the type of ESC you have. Sound correct?
Hello. where would I find the values to check "87 ESC module #16051654? or better still, Who's got one they want to sell? Oh I know. It's the same guy that has a CAS V4 Sorry, not for sale! Later...