Electric Cutout Button Placement


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Well I'm sure someone has done something like this with this area of the dash, but I thought this turned out great. There was already a hole cut in the hard plastic for what I would assume to be something like the controls for a car with a sun roof but I'm not sure. So I only had to cut the overlay for the button to pop right in. It's a great spot I feel because you can push it while calmly resting your hand on your right knee... Sneaky sneaky. Works great, looks great and I'm happy with it.. I am very tempted to try and place the Alky control in there as well, of course this would be a little harder to do, but it seems to be about the right size. What do you guys think?



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When I had Alky I placed the controls in my glove box. I "tested" it before I left my driveway to prime the system but no one was none the wiser to the system. I hid the line as best I could under the hood.


Pretty slick! I have one of these sitting on my bench ready to go in. This is definetly casuing me to rethink make a bracket for the classic ash tray placement!!


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lol.... thats where i put mine... right next to my rear defrost. i love it .... its like a volume control for my exhaust ;)