EBAY '86 Regal T-Type/good deal??


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Hello all,
I'm looking for some input on a clean '86 on Ebay-item# 180077238258??
Seems cheap with no reserve.
I like the column shift/manual window set-up.
What do you guys think???


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still a day or so left .. doesn't look bad BUT I would want to see it better before I bought a car site unseen :eek: good luck on your search :cool:


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Looks OK..

This is the second time I have seen it on EBAy. It looks like a sound car.

Can the owner fax you reciepts of the work done? Interior looks good. MAF tube wrapped - looks like a temp fix. Body looks good. Great color and T-tops (w/bags) if that revs you up. Does not have open air intake. Bumper filler cracked - like you might find on a warm climate car.

Pictures aren't much help as they are small with bad angles. Just a few things I noted. Good luck.


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Pictures aren't much help as they are small with bad angles. Just a few things I noted. Good luck.

I don't understand why people don't have a LOT of pics of the car THEY are trying to SELL :confused: those pics are good for someone selling a 50 footer :p


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I know it must be a pain to sell a car on ebay, our audiance here is growing quite a bit.

Hmmm, i emailed the seller and asked a few questions the day it came up for sale.. You know the average Q.

Rust /cause its close to the ocean.
Buy it now/ you never know. 3k 4k 5k 6k 15k ???

I got, "No it will be sold by auction."

Then i asked politely again about rust issues so close to the ocean.


Look at the spare tire rim / wheel. Look at the rust......................

If the guy had any type of personality and would at least answer a few questions, he might have sold the car to a local guy here in KC.

How about a phone number or a email addy? I ask alot of Qs on ebay, everyone is usually polite and gives phone numbers, emails, ect.

This guy, yup, nope, :confused:

The description of the car in the ad totally sells this car, 4 entire lines and you know the cars history.

Its a nice car, the seller has issues.