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So, some of you already know me from FB but some don’t. My brother and I inherited our turbo Buick’s from my recently deceased father. He was a great guy and had 6 of these cars. My mother is keeping the rest for now until we are of sound mind to figure out their new homes. Dad passed doing what he loved but went without warning so we are left trying to figure out these cars.. mine is a 87 WE4 that has super low miles but was sold to him with engine problems... so far my bro and I have torn it apart and are rebuilding to motor when I am in town with him. It needs a few things but money is beyond tight so I must save. Dad was the kind of man that lived how he wanted with his money.... could’ve left mom some lol! Anyways, I’ll be asking lots of questions along the way and hoping to find some deals on some low mileage stock stuff.. thanks for reading!

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Sorry to hear of your loss.

Welcome to the best Turbo Buick tech forum on the 'net.

Here are a few other good links.

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Be cautious & patient. Search & read as much as you are able. Good luck.

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yes, welcome ,and may your father rest in peace , much more knowledge on here rather than foozbook, most of these gents on here are the ole die hard veterans , with a little bit more expertise
gnttype.org is all business / another great site and vortexbuicks-etc.com
thx for sharing