e85 with flex fuel sensor and edash question


First I hope this hasnt been asked before, Ive looked and read everything I could but cant find what I need. And the search feature of the site hasnt worked for me for the last several days.

I just installed the continental style flex fuel sensor by teeing off a return line, and connected it to the "shaft" input on my FAST ecu. Ive also made the change in the software. My question is what can I watch on the dashboard to read the fuel rating? Im assuming it is the fuelencon cell but I cant be sure. It was reading about .680 ish with 100% e85 in the tank. Additionally, is this a cell I can view on the edash?

On a different note, Im having trouble getting my idle down, this has been an issue before the fuel sensor was installed. It hovers around 1150 rpm. Ive tried adjusting the idle downt to about 850rpm by coolant temp but that wont change anything.


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If you purchased the eDash from me, I will be more than happy to update it to show actual ethanol content. Otherwise, you will need to send it to FAST for the update. You can also watch the fuel energy constant. You would need to do some math to know exactly what you're content is, the higher the number, the less methanol content

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Thanks Cal, Im the second owner of this car after the edash was purchased from you. Im hoping to use your services to retune this car soon. Just trying to get everything lined out before hand.