E85 vs. alky

T-type Jones

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I run E85 in mine, and I came very very close to passing emissions the first time without a catalyst converter, I now think the gas station was @E70, anyway went ahead and bolted it back up for a day, and it passed in super clean colors. You can run Alky mixed with 93 where yo can find it, just a warning...The highest octane you're going to find in Colorado is 91


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^^^^ along those same lines, the most ethanol you can get in AZ is E53, all because of Ex Senator Jeff Flake.
I'm not familiar with either alky or E85... but isn't E85 corrosive?... I've read that it can corrode the engine's internal parts, fuel lines, etc... I know alky can be had in my area but I've never seen any place selling E85.