DW400 pump on TTA stock hangar?


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Richard Clark benchmarked that pump with the stock fuel system. Search for the DW400 thread. Your answer is probably in there.


If the hanger is the same as the GN, it will work but will be a tight fit. I used a couple of hose clamps to secure the pump to the hanger. Make sure you change out the 15 amp fuel pump fuse for a higher rated one.



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Can you run the DW400 on a TTA without the issues with the return line making it impossible to get the fuel pressure down at idle without modifying the stock return line?

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I removed the "Saginaw" restrictor at the hanger before I could get the fp to adjust downward. However, soon as weather permits I'm going to hookup the return to the vent line just to be on the safe side.


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I have a TR floating around with a DW 400 in. It uses the Vent line for a return, and I used a new sending unit. I had The Wrath run a secondary power and ground through the sending hat. Richard Clark stated it pulled less amps than the Walbro 450 so I feel safe. So far so good on E85 from day one.