dumb as question help please


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hey guys underneith the throttle body u can see two coolant lines goin to it. under neath that there is a sensor with a plug goin into it, the plug is farely large im guessing this has something to do with the computer being able to monitor airflow going into the throtle body? please help



Hear hansongn I'll spell it out for you there are allot of respected members on this board with a lot of helpful knowledge and informational.When you trade or sell parts to other members on the board you better be honest and straight forward you don't show a picture of one thing then send a completely different part that won't work for the application and expect people to come on here and help you.all for a 30.00 part.


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Why not just make the deal right?:confused: Then people would be more interested in helping? It's not that much cash.


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This board is built around good people, sharing in the knowledge of Turbo Buicks. There are other Turbo Buick boards out there too. I'm going to be kind, and just say that this may not be the best board to solve the tough issues that your struggling with.;)

Also, word has it, that the value of these old buicks are going down the toilet soon. Get ahead of the rush and sell your Buick NOW!

You can thank me later. :)

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Just a few posts from this guy and I can see a few problems this guy has... don't make ur issues so obvious hanson... sack up


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i agree with, BGNDOBE, and i apologize to other members for having to endure with this post. except for the first two, not pacecarta- very helpful guy, id like both of u to reread my answer, ya know the one about the cramming objects up certain areas of the human body. now that was polite, right?


hi fellas, im a new member on this site and was looking for some help with my car, but i dont know if i want to be invloved in such childish behavior. hansongn is pompous,although you gentlemen provoke him, whats worse hmmm? i hope this site isnt always like this gl