Drag Week 2019 Our Lisa O Connor Fischer making us proud once again.


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She had her GN in the low 9s today while carrying the Turbo Buick torch for the rest of us. I am a Huge Lisa fan and you should be to, if you knew half of what she has done for this turbo Buick family. Good luck Lisa.


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Met Lisa today rocking her WE4 down Atco's 1/4 mile @ Drag Week. I had a good interview with her while she was wrapping up for the day. I plan to feature the spot in my upcoming Atco Drag Week video. She was super cool and look forward to seeing some more racing from her! I'll make sure to share when it's ready. Go Lisa!!!!


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Yea.......she is sweet alright:)...... but remember.........she's got a reputation to uphold...... she prefers the term BADASS!!! ;) Way to go Lisa!! I'm very proud of you!!! Glad all that hard work, sweat & tears have paid off!! You deserve it!!

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Here's the link to my video that just went LIVE on my channel with Lisa's spotlight. Do me a favor and SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already, i appreciate your support. I'm going to continue to bring you that Buick and G Body content and don't want you to miss out. Thanks!



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WOW - What an amazing Drag Week - this is my fourth year doing this race, and it is no easy task! The past few years have given me a run for my money but I couldn't let it beat me, so I pushed thru and focused on making this car right! The car did its job, we turned everything up on the final day but the transmission was worn the hell out! This transmission has over 4,000 miles on it between racing and driving, time to tear it down and freshen it up!

My two goals were #1 to finish this race and #2 finish with an 8 second average. One out of two isn't bad. When I look back on how many things could have gone wrong I feel very fortunate to have finished this race with a 9.14 average. I am still debating on if I will go back and strive for that 8 second average. I am broke and exhausted at the moment! LOL

We had some minor issues on day 2, we checked the log, I changed the spark plugs and we had our best pass of the week 9.07 at Cecil. The car was flawless on the street driving even thru bad traffic, fast paced highways with heat in the upper 90's. I can't thank my co-pilots (Billy Fischer and Paul Diges) enough for the great directions, keeping us on route and finding enough E85 for the driving and racing.

Special Thank you..........
Cal Hartline (Hartline Performance) for the spot on tune and keeping her safe for me. The Absolute Master at Calibration of any Engine!
Bobby Vaulding (RPE Machine) for his precise engine building skills and listening to me when I told him I wanted a FAST True Street car! You did it - You are the Absolute Hands Down Baddest Engine Builder on this EARTH!!
My big brother (Shawn O'Connor) who I will force to do drag week with me one of these times, damm he knows everything about these cars!
Dave Fiscus who has such a bad ass super fast V6 Turbo Buick but always supports his fellow (slower) Buick owners.
BoostCrew Motorsports - The coolest group of Buick guys I know. If you need something they will have it!
Twisted Six Racing - Chris setup up my PTC converter and will be my guy for my transmission freshen.
SpoolFool Productions - This guy is the coolest and makes the BEST stuff for our Buicks!
H R Parts n Stuff - Paul is an outstanding person and makes the BEST G-body parts on the market!
FireCore Performance Wires - Rick made me special insulated wires, no more heat soak or wires going bad!
Moran Racing Injectors - Moran purchased a 87 GN new - thats where it all started for him!
Weldon High Performance - Jim is the BEST when it comes to fuel delivery and Fuel System Setups!

Last but not least - Thank you to this Buick community (family) you are the Best group of people I have ever met. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement, when I thought I couldn't do this race anymore you gave me the energy to make it happen.

Finished #9 in Street Race Small Block Power Adder class - 9.14 Average
Awarded Quickest Buick - Faster than ALL the LS swapped Buicks
Quickest Female to Finish DW19
Street Machine Picked my Buick as one of the Top 10 Cars of DW19


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You bring going fast with class to a whole nother level. Big congratulations on another record breaking year.
As you know, money and stuff comes and goes. This kinda stuff is forever though, and no one can ever take away your accomplishments.
Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to do greater things.

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Congrats to a classy women! As you said Lisa "the Buick community is a great group of people". Nailed it. :cool: Hope to see you and the gang in BG.
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