Door speaker question.

Just wondering about the door speakers. I bought a set of speakers for my doors and plugged them into the rear just to test them out and they sounded good and loud. then i plug them into the door and they are much more quiet, are they wired like that or is it a coincidence?
I'm feeling the same thing... CSII, no dash speakers, Pioneer 5.25 in doors. They just seem super quiet...

Am I doing it wrong?
The front speakers share a circuit between the door and the dash.

So you've got current going to two speakers instead of one from the same size amp channel. So yes, the individual speaker output in the front will be less. The door position also fires directly into carpet instead of up against a piece of glass like the dash and rear deck. That has an effect.
OK, with no speaker installed in the dash, would that not make the load only one speaker (the doors)? A one-speaker setup wouldn't see full current?

Obviously, I'm no EE and know barely more than what + and - represent... LOL

Seems like GaryK's harness/ speaker set would be the ticket...