Does this really have any value as a "GNX"?

Saw this advertised as a GNX. Is it really a GNX anymore, given the engine and suspension changes?

  • No expense spared build estimated over $230,000
  • Twin turbocharged, capable of 1,000 HP
  • No. 261 completed by Dan White of White Racing and Moran Motorsports
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Original radio
  • Original GNX trim tag and ownership history


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A lot of GNX's have been altered to one degree or another. It's still a GNX.

Hell, some of them have to get driven, otherwise what's the point?
I definitely prefer that car than a stock GNX. Much more fun to drive and race too! :p I don't really care for a stock one because they're all the same. After you've seen one you've seen them all... and it gets boring after a while… :confused:

Claude. :):android:


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Agreed, to a point.

What’s left, “GNX” of that car?

And why not hack a GN, if to that extent?

Could be due to lots of reasons, we don't know the history on the car.

Possibly it was wrecked and when they went to rebuild it someone decided, "Well, it's not going to be original anymore, so let's go nuts." or something of that nature.

The fact is, the car started life as a GNX and therefore has that pedigree. It has the back up documentation. You can't ignore that. I'd sure as hell rather own this one than a "show correct" GNX clone made from a GN.
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It's got a lot of nice hardware on it but it's collectibility is far less based on it's level of modification. Truth be told once it's fully caged and mini tubbed it's basically a race car. My Turbo T has a similar level of modification although it's not twin turbo'd. The more modified any car is the more it narrows the group of prospective buyers. I'm not sure what they'll get for it but it won't be anywhere near what they have in it.



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Anything can be returned to stock if the desire is there. A friend of mine has a top flight 63 Corvette split window that was a tubbed out bracket car with a flip front end in the 80's. Top Flight means it was judged to be 100% correct as built and it has the same value as any other 63 Vette in the same condition. Almost all the 6 figure muscle cars you see at the auctions have a checkered past and many are ex-racecars.