Dodge Demon

Congrats! did you get a Vin yet?
Yep,i got the vin about 10 day’s ago,it went into framing this past Monday, and believe it or not, it’s already built and awaiting shipment to the upfitter for wheels and badging. I’d guess it’ll land at the dealer in a few weeks.


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I love that green I wish I would have found one in that color for my Scat Pack Shaker I got. I got the Octane Red instead. Enjoy it!


Pics from Dealership in Lansing Mi.
So happy with the car. Color is beyond expectation. Sounds illegal. Performance is amazing, so responsive. Now just waiting on the enclosed carrier to arrive.
My favorite color combo, have seen a few in S. FL very cool car, CONGRATS!


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Thanks to all. So many stars aligned to make this possible, mostly love amongst family.
Talked to my fav band on Friday, pretty sure it will end up on album cover or rock video.


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Engine pulls hard as expected but the transmission is incredable, soft when tolling and breakneck when pushed. I would love one in the GN.