Do NOT Chase The Black Bunnies...


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Reminds me of when we were camping and a bunch of drunk college kids started walking by the edge of the woods at the campground calling out "here kitty kitty". Wasn't 5 minutes and the campground was overwhelmed with skunk spray scent. They proceeded to go try to shower it off. Most those kids packed up and left shortly thereafter.


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There seems to be no end to funny skunk stories. This is my first up close experience. Happened about 20' from an open window on Tuesday night & the house still has a hint of skunk here & there.

I've driven past plenty of roadkill skunk over the years. One time it was freshly hit. There were several vultures circling overhead. I drove past the same spot a couple hours later & the vultures were gone, skunk was gone, even the stink was gone.


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My closest encounter with one was crazy. I was sitting on a bumper of a car at the shop at dusk with my legs apart maybe a foot or so. Right out from under the car a small skunk walked right out between my legs. First I was startled by something there, then I got scared when I realized it was a skunk! It just waddled along while I was froze there. That was too close for comfort.

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well , one of my crew at the golf course decided he was going to try and catch one , some of the more native chico's would eat anything they could get their hands on armidillos , turtles , ETC. he obviously didn't know what a skunk was and decided to chase one down for an evening BBQ LOL he got sprayed as well as the cart he was in . I came back into the shop and walked into the break room to a knock you down smell and had to figure out what had happened . he decided to stash his uniform in his locker WTF and we had to park that cart outside for like a month so it didn't stink up the shop.


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When I was a kid, I shot a skunk in our back yard. It was a nice late summer evening and we had the windows open to let in the nice cool air. I went to school the next day and everyone was asking about the skunk smell on my clothes. The whole house smelled like that for days. Mom was less than happy.


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Many skunk stories, like when my now wife was my girl friend. Stopped by after work and petted the 'cat' outside the back door. Yea, every item in the kitchen that had tomato in it was in the tub, including raw tomatoes, tomato paste, ketchup, and whatever was found (it works).

First time her dad told her she didn't have to come home that night. GF was crying, other then setting up the tomato bath, didn't get any hugs from me that night :eek:

And black bunnies coming through campsites at night wandering under the picnic tables. Then coming by later and wiping out the fishing bait worms.

Here you go:



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Last nite, one made a "pass" thru my yard. Evidently, wasn't aggravated enough to spray. The lingering "fumes" were bad enough.
Living in the country has it's perks.... Black bunnies are not one of them.
The armadillos "aerate" the grass. The snakes and hawks keep the vermin down.
Life's good!:cool:

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You don't have to be in the country to be visited by Pepe LePew.
VERY true!
A couple yrs back, my daughter lived in Oak Park, {Chitown}. They had 1 yr when the area was overrun w/ them. She had to check the area before the dog could go out, or anyone could get to their cars.. NASTY!

I told her it was just the stink blowing in from Shitcago's mayors office, and city council meetings.:rolleyes: