dielectric grease on coil pack terminals question


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I bought a new coil pack and spark plug wires and put dielectric grease on the plug boots but am wondering if some should go on the coil pack boots. I always did that and even though my car has only been in the rain a handful of times (usually at a Buick event) in it's life, it still had black gunk and corrosion on the coil pack terminals, which in may cased caused poor contact and a backfire under partial wot throttle.

I read the below on Magancore's website regarding dielectric grease on coil boots. "..... In fact, we advise installers never to apply silicone dielectric grease inside a distributor or coil boot. If you need to insulate a distributor cap or ignition coil you should apply the silicone grease to the outside of the boot (where the boot meets the distributor cap or ignition coil) — distributor cap and ignition coil towers are tapered, and too much lubrication inside can cause boots to work their way up and off the towers on vehicles that experience considerable vibration."

What do you think? Thanks, Paul


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I have always used a little on the coil tower boots and have never had an issue by using it like that in the past 23 years on 6 turbo regals.

Not sure if it's needed there but it's just how i do it.