Deeper or wider oil pan?

Chuck Leeper

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Come in my house and get shot
Get dead, in my house. NOBODY has permission to come in, unless I permit it.
My house is rather small, and the pellet pattern from the Maverick 88, fully covers every area.
The muzzle blast from that sucker, gives a whole new meaning to "Light up your life". ;)
No shoot to wound. Dead burglars don't lie......Except on the floor, that is.


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a 70+ yo homeowner takes out some shitbird, for beating his wife, and it's a "set up"?

I was thinking on this and maybe the old geezer's wife was working on the side for extra money to pad the SS check and this guy was a customer who she forgot to remove her dentures for and nicked him. :LOL::LOL: