Dale jr leaving DEI


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MOORESVILLE, N.C.(AP) Dale Earnhardt Jr. will leave the company founded by his late father at the end of the year in a shake-up certain to ignite a bidding war for NASCAR's most popular driver.

He told Dale Earnhardt Inc. on Thursday that he had decided to make the switch to another team when his contract expires, intent on going to a more competitive team.

"At 32 years of age, the same age my father was when he made his final and most important career decision, it's time for me to compete on a consistent basis and contend for championships now," Earnhardt said at a news conference. "I believe I'd have my father's blessing."

Earnhardt had asked for 51 percent ownership of the team now run by his stepmother, Teresa. Negotiations on a contract extension began before the season and have been tense all along. Earnhardt's sister, Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, had set a deadline to get the deal done by the end of the month.

"We never even got close," Earnhardt said.

He stressed money is not the issue.

"It's not the guy who gives me the biggest paycheck. It's the person I feel like will allow me to accomplish what I want to in my career, on the race track, in this shop itself, he said. "There's some things you can't get with money, peace of mind and satisfaction in what you do everyday. ... I'm seeking to have that peace of mind and that comfort to be able to really be an asset to somebody. I want to go somewhere and really make things happen for somebody."

Sitting next to his sister and wearing a T-shirt and an open collared shirt, Earnhardt said he leaves DEI with mixed emotions.


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I think Mrs. Earnhardt must be one stupid woman:mad: She should have gave JR. 51% went home and collected a check......

The % of revenue off his products alone would have made her more money then any 3 she can put together... I would imagine SR. is rolling right about now:(

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As long as hes still driving, thats all that really matters. I dont think the 3 car should come out of retirement though. Jrs identity is the "Bud" sponsorship and u know hes keeping that.


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Sounds like the 33 is going to be the car. I agree 3 should be retired permantley!


Jr. better take his time and make the right choice. Wherever he goes,and he indicates a top tier team (such has Hendrick, RCR, or JGR) he will be expected to win. He also indicates Chevy but left the door open for others (hear that jack Roush???) No Excuses. DEI will find a replacement for the 8. RCR did for the 3 (now 29). Whomever the replacement is, if he (she) wins and JR is not, it could backfire on him. Jr has watched his buddies race, compete for and win championships and even though he is Mr Popularity he has not proven much on the track. I like JR but I am not one of the "JR nation" fans. (I like an old guy who has retired a few times :)

Could see him in the 5 with Bud or the 25 with Bud, like the old days with K Schrader (well not that old of days). Rumor was the 33 with RCR but that was denied. The numbers actually belong to NASCAR and they assign them to the owners. The owners have the rights. The 3 is not retired but probably should be. Jr would make a mistake running that number full time. Talk about pressure. I could see the 33 with one-off race or two dropping the other 3 like the shootout or all star race. I cant see him running his own show at JR Motorsports. I think the lesson MW is teaching now will cure him of that idea. I guess could be last resort. Hope not for his sake. This issue will now be the focus all year and it is all we will hear about. Hope he makes his mind up soon. Mikey is probably happy since it has taken the spotlight off of his teams dismal performance.


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I could see him spinning off a team with Hendricks motors and technology. The Hendricks camp is full but who's to say Rick can't back another team. If JR could call the shots at DEI he could call them for himself as well.


I hear he is going with Michael Waltrips team becuase he does not want to work weekends any more.

:D Good One!

As far as a spin off team to Hendrick, there already is one. Bobby Ginn. He has $$$$ and uses Hendrick power plus he has shown his equipment is top tier. Martin is just behind JR in points with only 9 starts this year running a Ginn car.

Also hearing Penske may be going with Toyota next year and that Toyota has an offer to Gibbs and RYR as well...... Silly Season has begun!