Crankshaft Sensor Install In Driveway?


Daily Driver
Just an update on how it's running. Seems the crank sensor didn't fix the huge miss issue so I went back and looked at the recent plugs I installed. Broke one taking it out and one didn't look like it was firing kinda too clean but no fuel on it so I replaced that one as well. Broke a Magnecore wire whilst doing this as well and replaced with a good known leftover. Always use silicone grease on the boots and plug ceramic so maybe that wire was broken during last months plug swap? Runs much better no major violent misses and put a few hundred miles on it since the crank sensor went in, leaf peeping, food shopping, powerball ticket purchases etc. etc. :p
Gonna order a set of new wires and an IACV splice end since that's a bit ratty and some of the plastic tubes are broken at the ends.