Crane billet roller lifter problem

Mark E.

I have the smallest ATR crane billet roller in my car. About 4 years and 25k or so hard miles.

I had the pan off to put on my new RJC pan (very nice) and inspected the rollers on the lifters from below.

I saw a stripe of wear on a few of the lifter rollers. Still looked smooth, just not shiny and new like the others. The cam looked fine from that vantage point.

I buttoned up the motor and it has been running great, but this is still in the back of my mind.

A year or so ago I popped a head gasket (my fault) and found a broken dampner in one of the valve springs. I went to my local guru (Gromms) and bought new springs. He thought the springs were a little light and sold me a new set. I do not remember the exact numbers.

Has anyone seen this on the roller of the lifter? Should I feed it a new set of lifters? Or should I continue to drive it like I stole it?

Summit show the lifters pn 853-12 for $366, but they are from Comp Cams.....?....

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.


johnny boost
I am running the same cam Mark and I had 4 dampeners break inside the spring after 2500 miles. I bought set of high quality springs that had a higher seat pressure (140 on the seat) and have not broke one dampener yet. As far as the lifter I did notice I had some indication of wear on the side but nothing to be be concerned about. HTH

Mike Banas


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Sounds like perfectly normal wear to me on a set of roller lifters. Continue to drive it like you stole it. I freshin' the roller lifters in a race car that we have once every 2 seasons. They generally don't need it, but I do it anyway. Best way to tell if a roller lifter is giving up on you is the sound. If you ever start to hear what can be described as a squeak/chirp the bearings are giving up on you and the lifters need to be freshined/replaced. (this can sometimes only be heard right as you shut the engine down). I think your fine, continue to drive it like you stole it, Drew


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you have to roll the wheels with your fingers, if theres any rough spot the lfter is bad