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Feb 11, 2009

I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this if any. The old sob and his handlers are just throwing the most
outrageous stuff out there to get people's minds off of his war defeat and shortly to be released AZ audits but it's not going to work.
I see a military court ruled that bump stocks are not MGs so that will piss them off. Now there's some
precedent to work with.


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Jul 8, 2005
She's as high as fuck...cuz if she was sober...she wouldn't be talking stupid like she is.

She's correct in that travel by plane is a privilege and not a constitutional right. One that is afforded to people who can buy a ticket. What she's wrong about is that it is the Government's job to mandate such restrictions. I do understand that with the FAA there are certain rules that apply to help keep air travel safe, such as regular inspections, etc, but these are imposed on the service provider to make sure the plane is safe to operate, not on which customer's are allowed to use the service. That should be up to the company itself. What would happen then is that the free market would sort itself out. The company that mandated it would not get the business of the ones who did not get the vaccine but if the less restrictive airline were a better airline then they would get some of the customers who did, because the vaccine "protects them" (Or at least it was supposed to, right?). But when the Government mandates it, what they do is take a privilege, one that is available to anyone who works hard and makes enough money, away and then punishes people for what they believe. It is then when it becomes unconstitutional because it discriminates against a group based on political or religious beliefs.


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Dec 14, 2004
Got some splainin' to do Fauci.